Benefits of Accreditation

Museums benefit from both the status and the process of accreditation. Different benefits emerge from each step of the review cycle, and continue to unfold over the long-term. Each museum will experience or capitalize on a different mix of benefits based on its needs at any given time. Over the last 40 years, participants have consistently reported the following reasons as the most common and important.

Credibility and Accountability

  • National recognition of your museum’s commitment to excellence and the highest professional standards of museum operation and public service
  • A positive public image and validation of your museum’s work and accomplishments
  • Increased credibility with funding agencies and donors
  • Stakeholders see the museum’s obligation to the public trust is fulfilled

Clearer Sense of Purpose

  • A clearer sense of purpose and understanding of your museum’s strengths, goals, priorities and mission
  • An opportunity for staff and board to be thoughtful about their practice

Leverage and Support

  • A valuable tool in lobbying local and state governments
  • Improved relationships with other museums resulting in more loans and traveling exhibitions
  • Maintenance of accreditation a leveraging tool to attract support for capital improvements

Sustainability and a Stronger Institution

  • Fosters sustained organizational development and improvement
  • A governing authority better educated about museum standards
  • Increased level of professionalism

  • Viewed as a better risk by the fine arts insurance industry