Tackling Collections Backlogs for Small Museums

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Tackling Collections Backlogs for Small Museums

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Tackling Collections Backlogs for Small Museums

In collaboration with the Small Museum Administrators’ Committee (SMAC), Registrars Committee (RC) and Curators Committee (CurCom), Professional Networks of the American Alliance of Museums


Colleagues with a range of experience working in and with small museums discuss issues related to tackling collections backlogs, including ways to approach a collections backlog, prioritize tasks and implement practical solutions. Presenters offer suggestions for immediate, intermediate and longer-range solutions and action steps and discuss how tackling a collections backlog fits within an overall collections management strategy.



Karen DePauw, coordinator, Local History Services, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN; Charlotte Fitz-Daniels, executive director and curator of collections & exhibitions, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC; Jessica Jenkins, independent museum consultant; Melinda McCrary, executive director, Richmond Museum of History, Richmond, CA; Cynthia Ann Bettison, director & archaeologist Western New Mexico University Museum, Silver City, NM; Tamara Hemmerlein, director, Local History Services (and SMAC chair), Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis


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