Copyright Series: Digital Copyright and Privacy

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Copyright Series: Digital Copyright and Privacy

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Copyright Series: Digital Copyright and Privacy

In collaboration with the Registrars Committee (RC), a Professional Network of the American Alliance of Museums. Supported by Media & Technology (M&T), a Professional Networks of the American Alliance of Museums and the Museum and Arts Law Committee (MALC) of the American Bar Association (ABA). Produced by LearningTimes.


This webinar provides an overview of the legal issues to be aware of when publishing images and videos online. This tutorial outlines digital copyright and privacy issues in museums and provide guidelines for mitigating legal risk and for being responsible digital citizens. The first part features an overview of copyright law and how it affects museums. The second part focuses on copyright in the context of digital uses. The final part outlines issues of privacy in digital uses and provides potential solutions for helping museums clarify when and how permissions may need to be sought.



Anne M. Young, manager of rights and reproductions, Indianapolis Museum of Art; Nathan Kerr, collections access specialist, Oakland Museum of California; Katherine E. Lewis, chair, Museum and Arts Law Committee, Science & Technology Section, American Bar Association; and attorney-advisor (Contract), Smithsonian Institution Office of Contracting, New York, NY


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