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Download the ePub file for all Apple and other devices, except Kindle.  Large file - 175MB, contains video content.


Rights & Reproductions: The Handbook for Cultural Institutions is available in three file formats: PDF, ePub and MOBI. The ePub file is optimized for the reader experience on a retina display iPad, but can also be read on any other iPad, tablet (non-Kindle), desktop or laptop computer. The MOBI file is the version of the ePub for Kindle users.


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Also available in mobi and pdf formats 


Because of the size of the file and the video content, it is recommended that the Handbook be read on your desktop or laptop computer utilizing one of the many free e-reader software applications that are available, such as iBooks (http://www.apple.com/macbook/built-in-apps/#ibooks) or Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com/). The ePub file works best for desktop reading on an Apple or PC computer with one of these readers.

How to load on your desktop/laptop with Calibre:

  • Download the free ebook software
  • Download your copy of Rights & Reproductions...
  • Open Calibre
  • Select Add Book and find the downloaded copy of Rights & Reproductions... and add it to the Calibre library
  • Open your book and begin reading

May take several minutes to download the complete file.


How to copy from your laptop to iPad

  • Download file to laptop Downloads folder
  • Open iTunes on laptop
  • Go to Books in iTunes
  • Drag file from Downloads folder to iTunes (it will take several minutes to copy to iTunes)
  • Make sure that sync books is checked in iTunes
  • When it finishes copying file to iTunes, connect laptop to iPad
  • Sync
  • Open book in iBooks on your iPad



Rights & Reproductions: The Handbook for Cultural Institutions  is the first comprehensive resource to focus solely on the rights and reproductions guidelines, established standards and emerging best practices at cultural institutions. This publication was co-published in 2015 by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and American Alliance of Museums. With intellectual property laws and rights and reproductions methodologies ever-changing with new technologies, this digital publication, produced using the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI) Toolkit platform, will be a living document that can be updated to remain current with trends and best practices.



Edited by Anne M. Young

With contributions by Megan P. Bryant, Cherie C. Chen, Kenneth D. Crews, John ffrench, Walter G. Lehmann, Naomi Leibowitz, Melissa Levine, SofĂ­a Galarza Liu, Michelle Gallagher Roberts, Nancy Sims, Deborah Wythe and Anne M. Young


Co-Published by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and American Alliance of Museums



This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project utilizes the OSCI Toolkit, which is supported by the Getty Foundation as a part of its Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative.


Also available in mobi and pdf formats 



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