2014 National Salary Survey (PDF)

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2014 National Salary Survey

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The American Alliance of Museums, is proud to present the 2014 National Comparative Museum Salary Survey, the only comprehensive study of its kind for our diverse field.

Such a survey has long been demanded by museum professionals across the country, at all stages of their careers, and we are confident this document will prove valuable. It includes detailed analysis of 51 different museum positions in a broad range of categories, both museum-related and individual. In light of the buffeting the field experienced during the recent economic downturn, we've also commented on employment patterns post-2008.

Prepared in collaboration with the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM), the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums , the Mountain Plains Museum Association (MPMA), the New England Museum Association (NEMA), the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC), and the Western Museums Association (WMA).


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