Collections Storage & Handling on a Shoestring

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Colleagues from a variety of institutions discuss practical solutions to collections storage issues and ways you can effectively care for collections using available materials, resources and your own needs-based ingenuity. Topics include archival storage boxes, mounts, media/photo storage, and barrier material, applicable to museums of many sizes, budgets and disciplines.


  • Karen Duncan, senior registrar, Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Nicolette Meister, curator of collections, Logan Museum of Anthropology, Beloit College, Wis.
  • Jane MacKnight, senior registrar, Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Rebecca Newberry, assistant registrar, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul 
  • Amanda Rose, category manager, archival & museum products, Gaylord Bros., Syracuse, N.Y.

Original program sponsored by Gaylord Bros., produced and co-sponsored by LearningTimes, in collaboration with the AAM Registrar’s Committee (RC-AAM).

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