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Professional Networks

Organized around job responsibilities and areas of common interest, Individual Members can access 22 Professional Networks.

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Governance and Support Organizations


The Alliance shares standards on Leadership and Organizational Structure and Public Trust and Accountability.

Accountability and Ethics

This section addresses codes of ethics, conflict of interest, disclosure, record retention, standards and best practices, tax issues related to obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status and whistleblower protection.

Board Structure

This section has information about advisory boards, committees, position descriptions for individual board members and officers, size and term limits.

Governing Documents

This section has resources on articles of incorporation, bylaws, delegation of authority, management agreements and statements of support.

Promoting Effectiveness

This section offers information about meetings, retreats and board self-assessment.

New Board Members

This section provides resources on board development, diversity and orientation.

Relationship with Staff

This section addresses the roles and responsibilities of board and staff, the board's role in personnel administration, and the special relationship the board has with the director.

Succession Planning

This section addresses succession planning and transitions.

Support Organizations

This section provides resources on friends groups and charitable support organizations.