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Asian Pacific American: the study, discussion and presentation of Asian Pacific American issues through museums 

CAREaudience research and evaluation and the voice of the visitor in all aspects of museum operations

Collections Stewardshipissues in registration, collections management, and collections care (formerly Registrars and Art Handling networks)

COMPTprofessional preparation, training and development of museum staff

CURCOMcuratorial practice and collections research, care and exhibition

DAMdevelopment, fundraising and membership

DIVCOM: the advancement of diversity and inclusion

EDCOM: the advancement and understanding of learning theories, educational practices and programming

Historic House and Sites Network: issues common and unique to historic houses

Indigenous Peoples Museum Network: fosters engaging and inclusive dialogue on the range of issues relevant to museums and indigenous peoples

Latino: for the needs of Latino and Latin American professionals and the interests of those professionals who work in interpreting Latino issues 

Leadership and Managementleadership, governance, administration, finance and human resources.

LGBTQ Alliance: the range of issues relevant to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender community and museums

Media & Technologyuse of media and technology to meet museum's public mission

NAMEexhibit development and design

PIC Greenenvironmental sustainable practices in museums

PRAM: public relations and marketing

Securitysecurity, fire, health and safety issues

SMAC: the advancement of small museums

Traveling Exhibitionsthe specialized area of traveling exhibitions

Visitor Services: making service to visitors a core component of museum operations