Ways to Advocate Today

Create an Economic Impact Statement for your museum. 
    Find your legislators. 
        Invite Congress to visit your museum.

        Join and Be Counted!

        Make your voice heard with your legislators.

        Nonprofit Voter Resources

        The Alliance shares a selection of resources available for nonprofit museums, organizations and their staffs, many provided by Nonprofit Vote. Find easy-to-use, detailed information about what you and your staff can and cannot do, checklists for voter engagement and permissible activities, fact sheets on nonprofits and ballot measures, and links to voter registration and polling information.

        Voter Engagement

        National Voter Registration Day

        • National Voter Registration Day takes place each September. The Alliance is a National Partner of this important nationwide initiative (September 27, 2016) to help ensure no one misses the chance to vote because of lack of information about their voting status, polling place or how to register to vote.

        • Does your museum participate in allowable election activities, such as serving as a polling place? Let us know about your experience with these activities.

        Student Voting Guides

        • BestColleges.com has created a comprehensive voter’s guide for students. The state-by-state directory explores voter eligibility criteria, residency requirements, registration deadlines, and other voting guidelines. The key issues guide takes a bipartisan look at the issues and the voting rights manual outlines the registration process for college students in all circumstances. Finally, the voting resources list includes links to campus organizations, registration portals, and more.

        Getting Started With Voter Engagement: A Checklist (PDF)

        • This two page checklist from Nonprofit Vote provides practical steps on topics ranging from getting leadership buy-in and creating your engagement plan, to voter registration, engaging candidates and ballot measures, with links to additional resources throughout.

        Benefits of Voting for Nonprofits (PDF)

        • This fact sheet from Nonprofit Vote shares the important ways voter engagement helps build stronger nonprofits and give voice to our communities.  

        Who Votes Matters (PDF)

        • This fact sheet from Nonprofit Vote uses a few key data points to show why it matters that the people served by nonprofits of all types vote.

        Voter Information

        • On our Voter Information page you can use your address to confirm who represents you, access voter registration forms and election deadlines.

        • Through Nonprofit Vote’s Voting in Your State page you can access links to find your polling place, check your voter registration, and find state and local elections offices.

        What You Can and Can't Do

        The AAM Guide to Election Year Advocacy

        • These days, every year feels like an election year. Museums and nonprofits can participate in advocacy and advocate on behalf of their mission. See our fundamental guide to what is and is not allowed in an election year.

        Nonprofits, Voting & Elections, A 501(c)(3) Guide to Nonpartisan Voter Engagement

        • This comprehensive, online guide by Nonprofit Vote will help nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations interested in encouraging voting and voter participation among their staff, board, clients, constituents, and communities. It provides in-depth coverage on issues ranging from candidate forums to voter education and issue advocacy, social media guidelines and much more.

        Permissible Activities Checklist (PDF)

        • This brief by Nonprofit Vote provides additional resources and information on political activity and permitted voter engagement, with links to lengthier guidelines.

        What Nonprofit Staff Can Do (PDF)

        • This brief by Nonprofit Vote provides succinct questions and answers about nonprofit staff members’ personal participation in political activities.

        What Nonprofit Staff Can and Can’t Do Webinar

        • Outside of work, nonprofit employees are free to volunteer for political campaigns or engage in other partisan political activities. In this Nonprofit Vote webinar, learn how to make important divisions between your nonpartisan work on the clock and your partisan activities off the clock. Get the Power Point. 

        Nonprofits and Ballot Measures (PDF)

        • This brief by Nonprofit Vote explains how nonprofits can work on ballot measures and how ballot measures are different from candidate elections.

        General Advocacy & Lobbying Guidelines

        Looking for lobbying and advocacy guidance for nonprofits, beyond election season? Check out Independent Sector's Nonprofit Advocacy Resources page or the Alliance for Justice's Bolder Advocacy Navigating the Rules page.