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Alliance Joins Broad Protect Giving Effort

On Nov. 20 the Alliance joins more than 200 nonprofit and charitable sector leaders to make the case directly to Congress about the devastating impact of any limits to the charitable tax deduction. AAM will join the Charitable Giving Coalition, a group of more than 60 nonprofits, foundations and other charitable organizations, for Protect Giving Day 2013. This is a powerful opportunity to raise the visibility of museums within the nonprofit sector and ensure legislators understand the true value of the charitable deduction.

The October 2013 federal government shutdown had a devastating impact on museums and heritage sites around the country. Congress is currently debating a broad budget agreement. Our task now is to ensure that these new rounds of budget negotiations do not leave the charitable deduction vulnerable. Studies have clearly demonstrated that limiting the charitable deduction would reduce giving and, in doing so, restrict museums’ ability to serve their communities.

Working with the Charitable Giving Coalition, the Alliance provides museums these template materials (several in Microsoft Word) that can be personalized to reflect the impact of charitable giving at your museum and help ensure that legislators and the media understand this important issue.

Protect Giving Day Materials

Protect Giving Day Template News Release

To show your support for the value of the charitable deduction, you can issue a news release or notifying the media.

Protect Giving Day Template Op-Ed

If you are able to develop an op-ed it can be submitted to the editorial page editor of your local newspaper for publishing in the days surrounding Protect Giving Day.

Protect Giving Day Talking Points

This set of talking points can help guide your conversations about the importance of charitable giving and the unique value of the charitable deduction.

Protect Giving Day Online Outreach

Protect Giving Day on November 20 provides a great opportunity for your organization to become active in the online conversation surrounding the charitable deduction.

Charitable Giving Data

This document provides information about national trends and local data to demonstrate the impact of charitable giving in communities, as well as the consequences if lawmakers change the charitable deduction.

Charitable Giving Fact Sheet (PDF)

This fact sheet provides information about the role and value of charitable giving in America and the importance of the charitable tax deduction.

Alliance Charitable Giving Brief (PDF)

This AAM brief includes legislative requests, background and talking points on the importance of the charitable deduction and additional tax issues affecting museums. 

Message and Media Guide

Communicating to members of Congress, the media and other target audiences about the value of philanthropy and nonprofits in our communities is a critical part of ensuring a growing and thriving sector. These message and media tips can serve as a helpful refresher. 

Contact Congress

The Alliance provides a template letter that you can customize for your work and your museum, and send to you legislators in just a few clicks. Let you legislators know the value of the charitable deductions today. 

Sign the Petition

Let Congress and the White House know to #protectgiving. Share the importance of the charitable deduction and how vital nonprofits are to your community with lawmakers today.