Hear from the Alliance's President Laura L. Lott about the new Strategic Plan.

American Alliance of Museums
2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Our Vision: A world informed and enriched by thriving museums

Our Mission: Champion museums and nurture excellence in partnership with our members and allies.

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AAM’s 2016-2020 strategic plan is the result of  an 18-month effort of our staff and board of directors. During that process, we gathered input from more than 500 AAM members and non-members via 30 formal listening sessions.

Updates about the Strategic Plan in Action

We can tell you, but we’d rather show you. Read specific examples that help illustrate what we mean by the language in AAM’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.


New National Survey: Are Your Trustees Engaged as Advocates and Change Agents?

Museum boards and trustees are the connective tissue that links the museum and its mission to the community it serves. AAM’s strategic plan calls for strengthening those connections by engaging museum boards and helping museum directors build and maintain the highest standards of good governance. Learn more about our trustee initiatives, including a new national survey of museum directors and museum board chairs, supported by Northern Trust and BoardSource.


A Nontraditional Talent to Help Us Explore Disruptive Change

How do you get teachers and school administrators to see museums as true year-round partners, not just a field trip destination? That’s the challenge about to be tackled by Sage Morgan-Hubbard, who will join the Alliance August 1 as the Bell Education Fellow. Sage will play a key role in our strategic focus area of museums’ expanding role in the evolving ecosystem of P-12 education.


Global Thinking: Alliance to Partner With International Museums Organization

AAM took a key step July 5 toward our strategic goal of connecting US-based museums to the global community, signing a partnership agreement  with the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and its US committee, ICOM-US. The agreement sets the stage for broad international cooperation in the museum world, including new sharing of research and best practices.


Get Examples You Can Follow from Leading Museums

What do we mean with our Access goal of a “digital platform for museum professionals to find and exchange relevant content.” Well, for starters, Tier 3 museum members can now search and download nearly 1,000 sample documents online, covering everything from collections management plans to security guard manuals.

Photo By The National Archives (UK) (The National Archives (UK)) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


New Resource Helps You Harness the Power of Your Trustees

Among our strategic approaches, what does it mean to “engage and serve museum trustees?” See an example. The Alliance has partnered with BoardSource to release Stand for Your Mission, a discussion guide for museum leaders—especially directors and trustees—to get involved with advocacy. Download your copy today and take the first step by starting a conversation in your board room.


New Guidelines Help Museums Welcome LGBTQ Audiences

What would it look like if our field embraced diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in all aspects of museum structure and programming? Led by our LGBTQ Professional Network, the Alliance is proud to offer Welcoming Guidelines for Museums, which offer concrete tools to help museums incorporate LGBTQ diversity and inclusion into their understanding and pursuit of excellence.


Museums, Education, and Presidential Politics

Are policymakers considering museums when they talk about education? The Alliance cosponsored an event for representatives of the 2016 presidential campaigns to discuss their education priorities, broadcast live from the Newseum and moderated by award-winning journalist Candy Crowley.


Museum Labor 3.0 – Internships, Wages, Hiring Bias and Inequities

How do we empower the broad museum workforce while ensuring equity and inclusion for museum workers? The Center for the Future of Museums is tackling these questions head-on in our sessions at the annual meeting, and also with three days of ongoing programming in MuseumExpo at the AAM Resource Center.